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Professional US Travel Partner And Documentation Assistance

We are committed to avoiding delays and hassles in your US travel requirements and documentation. With our priority service, you can submit everything in just one day and get your official approval in only three days. Make your US documentation process and travel easy and efficient and enjoy a stress-free journey.

    What We Offer


    We provide smooth and effective assistance with expertise, privacy, and dedication to your success.

    Confirmed Appointments

    Get guaranteed appointments within 3 days, and we stick to the schedule.

    Quick Document Handling

    We’ll handle all the necessary paperwork swiftly and accurately.

    Customized Profile Improvement

    We fine-tune your information to match the approval requirements precisely.

    Help With Interviews

    Get expert guidance to confidently face your interviews.

    Protecting Your Information

    We handle your details securely and follow all privacy rules.

    Making Approvals Easier

    We help you avoid rejections and ensure the process goes smoothly


    What sets our US travel assistance services apart from others in UAE? 


    At FB Holidays, we stand out by providing comprehensive US travel assistance services tailored to your needs. Our experienced team ensures every step, from document preparation to interview guidance, is handled meticulously, increasing your chances of a successful application.


    How do we guide clients through the required documentation for the application? 


    Absolutely, we offer comprehensive guidance on the necessary documents specific to your travel category. Our experts ensure that you have all the required paperwork, from the DS-160 form and passport-sized photos to any additional supporting documents, organized and ready for submission.


    How do our interview preparation services benefit applicants? 


    Our interview preparation services are designed to boost your confidence and readiness for the interview. We conduct mock interviews, offer insights into potential questions, and share tips on how to effectively communicate your travel intentions, enhancing your chances of a successful outcome.


    What if our application is denied? How do we assist in such cases? 


    While we strive for successful outcomes, if your application is denied, we offer a comprehensive review of your case. Our experts provide insights into the reasons for the denial and suggest strategies to address the concerns, increasing your chances of a positive result upon reapplication.



    Frequently Asked Questions

    It's advisable to apply for a US entry permit several months in advance of your travel date. The entry ticket processing time varies, and it's best to have sufficient time for processing and potential administrative delays.

    The application fee depends on the category you're applying for. You can find the current fee information on the official US Entry Permission Information and Appointment Services website or you can connect with travel agencies for more detailed information.

    You can track the status of your entry permit application using the CEAC website by entering your DS-160 confirmation number and other relevant details. If you are processing your application through any agency, then the consultants will keep you updated regarding the tracking of the application.

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    USA Holiday Packages


    Experience the diversity and excitement of the United States with First Business Holidays! Enjoy a hassle-free and unforgettable travel experience with our USA holiday packages from Dubai. We have a range of budget-friendly options and luxury packages to suit every traveller.

    As a tour agency based in Dubai, First Business Holidays offers USA trip packages that include some of the following destinations:


    • New York City
    • Los Angeles
    • San Francisco
    • Las Vegas
    • Orlando
    • Washington, D.C
    • Yellowstone National Park
    • Miami
    • Chicago

    There are limitless options for nature lovers, family, winter sports enthusiasts, and adventure enthusiasts. We offer USA holiday packages that can include one or more of these destinations, as well as a range of activities and tours. 


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